Hello and welcome to my website.

I am a 3D Artist, or at work a Senior Synthetic Environment Developer.

I have worked for Rockwell Collins for over 8 years. At Rockwell I work on a variety of different projects, at various different stages. Most often I work in partnership with others or as a supervisor and final assembler, bringing in all the various different elements and putting them together ready to be integrated into our system as well as deliverable to customers.

My role is widely varied involving mostly modelling but also testing and problem solving. I also regularly use and develop both terrain and imagery generated both procedurally and from satellite imagery. Mostly in my role I model cities and airports, which usually include complex and interesting terminal and various other airport standard buildings to a high fidelity. 

On this site however you will find  my personal work, which indulges mostly my passions and interests. These include traditional 2D pen and ink art, as well as 2D digital art using a wide range of vector and bitmap programs. I also enjoy modelling and playing around with organic forms in 3D such as monsters aliens and even the occasional human, set in an appropriately cool (often) dilapidated futuristic environment.

Thank you for visiting my site and please feel free to contact me. :-)